Buyers Guide For Finding The Right Air Compressor

Whether you are looking to power up your air tools or you simply want a tool for general usage in your workshop, having an air compressor on hand can go a long way toward giving you some comfort and flexibility. Air compressors are used for a variety of different applications, from powering your tools to allowing you to spray paint with ease, but too few people understand the specifics of the devices. Today, we are going to highlight a few key areas that you can focus on as you shop around for a new air compressor. With any luck, our guide will lead you to the compressor of your dreams.

Selecting The Right Air Compressor

Air compressors are designed with the goal of circulating air through the use of forced air compression. This compression can be driven by gas or electricity depending on the style of model that you choose and the goal of your work. Air compressors come in wide array of different styles that each have their own specific applications. Let’s look at a few different types of compressors now.

The primary type of air compressor that you can find in garages around the country is the stationary air compressor. These air compressors are designed with a ton of horsepower in mind so that they can be used for longer periods of time. You’ll find that there are different subsets of this compressor, as well. From pancake and hot dog compressors to wheelbarrow and twin-stack compressors, the range of options can be impressive. Pancake compressors have flat, round tanks. Hot dog compressors have horizontal tanks. Twin-stack compressors have multiple tanks and wheelbarrow compressors have handles for easy mobility.

You’ll also find products like a direct drive rotary air compressor. This style of air compressor is renowned for being efficient and effective at what it does. The reasons for that are simple: the direct drive air compressor lacks the multitude of moving parts that other similar air compressors are beholden to. As such, less power will be lost while the compressor is being used and you’ll typically have fewer problems with parts breaking down over time.

How To Select An Air Compressor

In order to make the appropriate purchase in regards to your new air compressor, you’re going to have to answer a few simple questions on your own. Ultimately, your air compressor needs to be tailored to your situation and you can come to a satisfactory choice via this path: Choose A Power Supply–Most compressors are driven by electric power but there are also popular gasoline models available. Decide How Much Power You Need– Air compressors are rated by horsepower. The more horsepower you have, the greater the air pressure that you will be able to harness. Focus On Extra Features– Finally, pay attention to some of the special features that are available to you. Whether it be thermal protection or an adjustable exhaust, you’ll find something ideal for your needs.